Property Development

Over the years, Ancubic Group of Companies  has built an enviable reputation for creating properties, which have an aesthetic edge that meets the aspirations of an ever more discerning market.  In the residential market, Ancubic has targeted for buyers looking for easily owned-homes and investors looking for a value-for-money investment and this has attributes to numerous projects been completed. The company is continuing to build for this category of buyers while at the same time entering into the sustainable income generation market such as commercial and retail. The company work closely with real-estate consultant , financiers and authorities that could help potential buyers with their mortgage requirements.

Ancubic Group of Companies  has scaled heights of success and customer satisfaction in all its endeavours. Ancubic further hope to develop property that blend safety element with comfort while maintain  the beauty and tranquil spaces . Development by Ancubic serve the needs of  the buyers and offer more sustainable property that cater for the increasing demand of quality and valued-added properties development in Malaysia, especially in the Klang Valley region.

While crafting unique, innovative and quality homes requires vision, passion and inspiration, these has not deterred Ancubic Group of Companies  to positioning itself with such reputable characteristics to strive for greater excellence in the area of developing economically sound, sustainable secured  investment and at the same time apply our entrepreneurial expertise to enrich the properties developed.

Business Development and Investment

Ancubic Group of Companies is currently experiencing an aggressive expansion phase to become a significant player in property development and acquisitions market in the near future through capitalising on identified opportunities in the property market. The company has a strong commitment to sustainable development and adopts a 3Ps approach to its daily business operations that involves maintaining a balance between making profit (Profit) and fulfilling the company’s responsibilities towards the environment (Planet) and the community (People).

The residential and commercial properties develop by Ancubic Group of Companies are considered as real estate landmarks and have proved to be secure and sound investments for investors and have helped the group to gain the satisfaction and trust. Ancubic offer integrity, professionalism, dedication, value for money, expertise, innovative techniques, creative ideas, and tested, highly functional processes to their projects.

To help the group achieve this objective, Ancubic Group of Companies  secured strategic land for development with a focus on long-term projects in partnership with a range of public and private sector as well as communities organisations. Ancubic ‘s accomplishment is attributed to its’ corporate philosophy of honesty and integrity are indispensable traits of a successful business. The company takes pride in its ability to locate ,  identify new markets catchment and undervalued assets. It also leverages the group’s public and private sector relationships to enrich the communities in which Ancubic invests.

Project Design & Management

Ancubic Group of Companies  continually keeps abreast with new developments in all fields of the construction industry, a factor that has resulted in considerable savings to the buyers in both material costs and time . Materials are specified in full consideration of the importance of functions and sustainability . Ancubic’s homes are built to meet environmental efficiency targets without neglecting the expertise, processes, and experience to own a residential or commercial building, which are reliable, architecturally and aesthetically strong.

Each project is managed by Ancubic’s  team of highly experienced personnel, incorporating the services of various professionals in the architectural, engineering, surveying and other related fields, with whom it has established an excellent working relationship.

Ancubic Group of Companies  believed in building win-win relationships with the buyers, investors, consultants , contractors and business associates. Many of the group’s contractors and business associates have now partner with Ancubic for a good number of years and have proved the reliability and dedication to quality standards of construction with new levels of style and innovation for a secured future returns.

Property Management  and Services

A lot goes into creating an effective Property Management and Services. Not just the building materials, the systems used  nor  the enforcement . What sets Ancubic Group of Companies  apart is the expertize throughout the design, planning, building , completion and implementation stages. The amount of attention placed on details separates Ancubic from the competition.

Architects combine design flair with experience of the practical needs of the building and   minimizing of maintenance. Experts sit in the planning process to ensure that fundamental issues such as utilities and facilities are properly organised. Project Management ensures deadlines and standards are met. In addition, of course, the committed team  live up to the description.

Team of extremely dedicated, experienced and hardworking personnel handles the Property Management and Services portfolio. Ancubic believe that good upkeep is essential and the  Manager, with his reliable team, attends to any problems that may arise, ensuring that properties are kept in good order at all times, of course with close working relationship among the buyers , investors , tenants, occupiers and specialist. The gardens of these properties are likewise developed and maintained by the Landscaping and Garden Maintenance team. Ancubic’s  total focus is on building on property that people would be proud to live in, that make a positive contribution to the surrounding area and try to do its’ best in the most considerate way for all involved.

Whether it is a sculpture or a handshake, Ancubic  are devoted to creating exceptional customer experience to escalate comfortable quality living standards.

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