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KS Botanic, Kuala Selangor

, Residential Property.

KS Botanic @ Kuala Selangor is located along Jalan Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor. Strategically located next to upcoming Kuala Selangor’s most impressive and important commercial hub, the project is situated opposite SJK(C) Khai Tee primary school and surrounded by famous seafood restaurants  and hypermarket. KS Botanic is an integrated urban lifestyle dwelling, combined with lavish modernist designs that offer flexible floor plates and a unique experience of being surrounded by Kuala Selangor’s most significant natural asset – the firefly and mangrove tree ecosystem, which is only a walking distance away. KS Botanic @ Kuala Selangor demonstrate the  evidence of Ancubic‘s social and environmental concern in addition to the benefits of economic goal for Kuala Selangor  and our valuable Property owners.  It is also easy access to the new main Highway- LATAR & WESTCOAST Highway.

KS Botanic, a greenery development by Ancubic Groups of Companies, was accorded with Best Quality and High Ranking Developer among 500-project developments in Malaysia under the Stratified Housing Category of the Quality Assessment System in Construction (QLASSIC ) certification in 2014. Our company scored in between 70% – 80% in the assessment, achieving the score of 90% and above for the infrastructure work.

KS Botanic’s main features are the modern exterior, spatial interior design and unique floor planning. It is a freehold mixed development project developed by Ancubic Properties Sdn Bhd. Develop within an exclusive 12 acres land that provides a spectacular view, comprising two storeys loft terrace house and three storeys shop offices. Its modern design standout among other development, built up of approximately 2,300sq.ft, units has 5-bedrooms and 3-bathrooms.

KS Botanic 坐落在Pasir Penambang ,瓜拉雪兰莪。在这个卓越的地理位置,雪兰莪政府正在积极的打造成为一个独一无二的旅游区和重要的商业中心。KS Botanic的正对面已有一间华小,四周围还有著名的海鲜餐厅和超市。 KS Botanic可以说是综合了城市和郊区的生活,采纳了现代化豪华和独特的设计和构思。在这里可以看到城市的繁华,郊区的清新空气,每天早起都可以感觉到周围的鸟语花香,还有郁郁葱葱的红树林包围,完全凸显了瓜雪独特的天然体验。它也是面向主要道路和贯通主要大道如 LATAR & WESTCOAST大道。

马来西亚政府品质验证机构QLASSIC的评估中,安四方集团( Ancubic Group )的项目获得总分介于70到80分,在基础设施建设工作评估更高达90分以上因此被获选为全国均五年内500个建设项目里高品质和高评价的发展商之一。

KS Botanic主要的特点是我们的外形和室内空间独特的设计,独一无二的规划等等。

这个永久地契混合发展项目是由安四方地产私人有限公司开发的,包括两层阁楼露台的房子,3层楼店办事处和精品酒店等等。KS Botanic平均面积在2,300平方尺,每个单位都包含了5个睡房和3个洗手间。

Additional Details

Location: Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor (GPRS Code :3.057420.101.491059)
Land Size : 12 acres
Tenure : Freehold
Land Use: Residential & Commercial
Development Component: 79 units of 2 1/2 Terrace House/ Holiday Home, 18 units of 3 storey Shop Office.
Facilities: 24 Hours Security & CCTV Coverage, Gated.

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